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How can I change my username?
Members can change their username once and only once with no explanation or special permission needed. Simply send a private message (PM) to one of the site's administrators (not DocJohn). Member names have to conform to our community guidelines, be between 4 and 19 characters in length, and not already taken by an existing user. We allow only one username change per individual.

How can I change the name of my social group?
Simply send a private message (PM) to one of the site's administrators, with your existing social group's name, as well as the new social group's name in your request. Your request will be taken care of within 72 hours.

How can I enter chat?
Most of our members have no problem in entering and using the chat rooms. Some, however, do. These tips may help:
  • Make sure you allow pop-ups from the domain
  • Try turning off your pop-up blocker altogether, if you have one, to ensure that's not the problem. Ad blockers may also cause a problem for some in trying to use chat.
  • You must be using a modern web browser, such as Internet Explorer 10.x or newer, Firefox or Safari, or a mobile device (and use mobile chat)
  • If you have a symbol in your name, you may have problems accessing the chat system. PM an admin to change your username to one without symbols in it.

How can I donate to the community fund drive?
The community fund drive is now housed within our 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Psych Central Community Connection. You can learn more about the nonprofit, how to donate, or how to request funds from the community fund drive at that website.

You can donate to the Psych Central Community Connection (PCCC) at any time! You don't have to wait for a fund drive to help support our favorite charity. All monies donated go directly to grants given by the PCCC; the organization has no administrative expenses.

How can I change my mood?
You can let other members know how you're feeling by clicking on the "Edit" link next to your status, which is underneath your avatar on any post.

How can I post to a social group forum?
You must be a member of a Social Group in order to post to that Social Group's forum.

Find the Social Group you need to join, scroll down to the bottom of that group's page, and click on the Join This Group link.

Once you're accepted and a member of that Social Group, you can then post to its forum.

How can I edit my own post? How can I delete my own post?
You can edit your post or delete it for up to 4 hours after posting your entry. After that time, please contact a moderator (by reporting your own post) to have it edited or deleted.

Why do we limit your time to edit or delete a post? We have found that, in the past, some people were using this feature to "change history" in a thread, which resulted in confusion and member upset.

We will only delete up to a maximum of five (5) posts or threads for any single member or account. Please do not ask us to remove more than this limit.

How can I cancel or delete my account?
When you delete your community membership here, all of your posts will remain but your username will be changed to AnonymousXXXXXX (where XXXXXX equals a random number). This helps to anonymize the information you posted here, something that many appreciate since the Internet has a long memory. We do not allow members to delete or cancel their own accounts, and we do not delete accounts if you have no posts.

In order to delete your account, please send a private message (PM) to Any Administrator other than DocJohn or the "Admin" account. Only an Administrator can cancel accounts, which is done as a batch process once a week (sorry, no exceptions). All of your posts will remain in the community when you cancel your account.

Once your account has been deleted, it cannot be undone or restored. So please consider your request carefully. If you've voluntarily left the community and asked that your account be deleted, you are welcome back anytime (but you'll have to create a brand new account from scratch). We do not bestow old account privileges on new accounts from old members.

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