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What is Your Sanity Level?

Take the Psych Check-Up Test, a mental health and wellness test that has been scientifically designed to help you figure out what's going on in your life and your mental well-being.

At the conclusion of the test, you'll be given specific action-items to help you improve parts of your life, articles to learn more about specific conditions that are relevant to where you are in your life, and additional quizzes to help you better pinpoint the issues in your life and what you can do to help improve them.

Your Psych Check-up is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery for your brain, your well-being, and your life.

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Feedback from users...

"I am compelled to let you know tha tI found this test to be extremely accurate in my case. My doctor has come up with a very similar diagnosis, and I agree." - Kansas City, MO

"The results of my Sanity Score closely coincide with my personal self-assessment of my state prior to taking your test. Thanks for making it available. I intend to revisit." - Buffalo, NY

"I have never felt I have any quiz related to my mental health which was as on-target as this one. Thanks for making it available." - San Francisco, CA

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